Hello World

Yeah, saying "hello world", this is what a developer need to do at the very beginning.

I have been dedicated to iOS development since the late 2008. Since then, I have been working on some very challenging projects, either technical-wise or business-wise, which gives me a lot of opportunities to explore many different iOS frameworks and APIs, also experience on dealing and consulting with client or customers on requirement, to get the job done. So I think I do have something to say and share with you guys. :)

No matter how's the opinion of certain people, the iOS "eco-system" is still in a very good position on mobile technology. Experienced and talented iOS developers are still in hot demand. (I know it well. I was unemployed for the last two months. Guess how many job agents contacted me and how many iOS developer positions or freelance jobs popped up to me. =P ) No one knows what will happen next, but all we have is now, huh? =P

As you may have noticed, there are already a lot of resources or tutorials for iOS developers around the internet. Some of them are really well organized, well written and really useful. The aim for me setting up this blog is not repeating what the other blogs is doing, as they are quite "established" and good enough. However, I still think I have some "unique" or "rare" knowledge to share, as a developer, as a consultant or as a friend of you, which is rarely seen in other iOS development blogs.

I can't wait to share you some thought on iOS development by myself, some tips on certain frameworks, and even some personal feelings on certain decisions and trends about iOS.

Stay tuned! =)


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